Japan Good Conduct
(社団法人) 日本善行会
This is a group mainly concerned with supporting volunteer activities. Affiliated with the
government Cabinet Office. It was established as a corporation on June 10, 1949, but it seems
to have existed in a different form from 1937 to 1948. So some of the badges and medals may
be pre-war. However, if the term '
Shadan Houjin [corporation]' appears on the piece, it would
certainly be post-1949.

The name of the group is
Shadan Houjin Nihon Zenkou-Kai, Japan Good Conduct Corporation.

There seems to be three main medals, gold, silver, and bronze.

The official website is
HERE, but it is in Japanese.
Bronze medal.
Special Merit silver medal (sterling silver).
Lapel pin.
Special Merit gold medal (sterling silver).
Good Conduct gold medal (sterling silver).
Bronze Badge.