Great Japan
Forestry Association
This is probably from a local branch of the national association.
Inscribed 'Akita Forestry Association Meritorious Member Badge.'
Original case with a hand-written inscription describing the badge.
There is also a date: Taisho 4 [1915], November 30.
The Great Japan Forestry Association was established in January 1882. Recognized by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Commerce as a foundation in April 1915. Re-established as a public interest incorporated
association in October 2010.

Responsible for overseeing the development of the woods and forests.
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The history of the presidency is as follows:

Prince Fushimi Sadanaru (January 1882 to October 1917)
Prince Nashimoto Morimasa  (October 1917 to January 1951)
Prince Takamatsu Nobuhito (September 1954 to December 1986)
Prince Katsura Yoshihito (January 1987 to June 2014)
Prince Akishino Fumihito (October 2014 to present)

The member badges have a stylized kanji for 'mountain' (山) and well as tree branches.

You can see related badges from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
'Great Japan Forestry Association Regular
Member Badge.' Silver.
'Great Japan Forestry Association Special Member Badge.'
Gold gilt; original cardboard case.
'Great Japan Forestry Association Special Silver Merit Badge.'
Original lacquered wood case.
'Great Japan Forestry Association 50th Anniversary
Commemorative Badge. Showa 6 [1931] June.'
Inscribed 'Forest Cultural Exhibition Commemorative, Showa 9 [1934],
Great Japan Forestry Association.'
Handwritten date on the back of the box: 'Showa 9 [1934] October 13.'
Large silver-colored table medal.
Inscribed '2nd National Paulownia Seedlings Exhibition Commemorative,  Sponsored
by the Great Japan Forestry Association, Showa 13 [1938] March.'

The angel is both holding and flying above paulownia leaves, which are also a
symbol of the imperial household.
This particular name of the government ministry was first used in 1925 and last in 1943, so
this badge dates from that period. Marked SILVER on reverse.

It is currently the
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Original kiri wood case.