Cased Fire Brigade Merit badge. Both the medal and especially the case
appear to be rather old, but I'm not sure.
Both are inscribed 'Fire Department Merit Badge, Miyagi Prefecture.'
Cased Fire Brigade Merit badge, very nice enamel work.
Both case and badge are inscribed 'Hokkaido Fire Department Special
Meritorious Service Badge.'
Inscribed 'Shizuoka Prefecture Fire Department Special Merit Badge.'
Inscribed 'Shizuoka Prefecture Fire Department Merit Badge.'
Inscribed '1961, Shizuoka Prefecture 4th
Annual Fire Department Inspection
Inscribed 'Showa 40 [1965] November 15, 4th
Annual Fire Department Competition,
Participation Badge, Japan Fire Department.'
Inscribed 'Shizuoka Prefecture Fire Department Association, Kamo
Branch Merit Badge.'
Inscribed '3rd Annual Shizuoka Prefecture Fire Department Association,
Festival to Remember Those Who Died in the Line of Duty, 1962 March 2,
Fire Department Maneuvers Participation Badge.'
Inscribed 'Sakai Fire Department Association, Exemplary Service Badge.'
Rare 25 Years of Service Fire Department Merit Medal.
Marked 'pure silver.' Four small red jewels in the corners.

Weighs about 44 grams.
Rare Silver Fire Department Merit Medal.
Marked 1000 pure silver along with the Japanese Mint hallmark.

Weighs about 33 grams.
Sterling silver medal, hallmarked on the reverse.

Inscribed 'National Fire Brigade Association, Showa 9
[1934], May 3.'
Inscribed 'Showa 9 [1934] November 16th, Gunma Prefecture--Saitama Prefecture--Tochigi
Prefecture--Ibaraki Prefecture--Nagano Prefecture--Niigata Prefecture.'
On the obverse 'Imperial Inspection Commemorative.'
Inscribed 'Imperial Inspection Commemorative, Showa 11 [1936] September 19,
Saitama Prefecture Fire Brigade Association.'
Saitama Fire Brigade 2nd Class Merit Badge.
Hallmarked pure silver. Some enamel damage.
Inscribed 'Taisho 14 [1925] January 1, Akita Prefecture Fire Brigade,
Merit Badge.'
Inscribed '20 Years of Service Badge, Akita Prefecture Fire Brigade.'
Long Service Merit Badge from the Aichi Prefecture Fire Department.

Size: about 6.5 cm by 5 cm. It weighs about 51 grams.
Fire Fighter Association
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1978. Yokohama City

Merit badge from Kanagawa Prefecture

Long Service Badge. Yokohama City

1963. Yokohama City

30 years of service badge from Kanagawa Prefecture

Instructor badge from Kanagawa Prefecture

1973. Yokohama City

Long service merit badge from Kanagawa Prefecture.
Hallmarked by the Japanese Mint as sterling silver.
About 48 grams.