Fire Fighter Association
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A two-piece constructed Fire Brigade enamel badge.
Inscribed 'Merit, Long Service Merit Award Badge, Fuchuu Mayor.'
At the top is the Fire Department emblem. On either side are cherry
blossom branches.
Inscribed 'Dedicated Service Badge, Aichi Prefecture Fire Brigade
At the top is the Fire Department emblem is a cherry blossom outline. The
central outline is a traditional Japanese shield. On either side are laurel
branches, and behind the shield are crossed axes.
Inscribed 'Dedicated Service Merit Award, Kagoshima Prefecture Fire
Brigade Association, Ibusuki Branch.'
Crossed axes over a cherry blossom. Pebbled background.
Inscribed 'Merit Badge, Kagawa Prefecture Governor.'
Also marked in English: 'SILVERF P,' which may indicate that it is pure silver.
However, it doesn't feel like pure silver.
An enamel Fire Brigade badge with fitted case.
Inscribed 'Merit Badge, Shiga Prefecture Branch, Greater Japan Fire Brigade Association.'
Inscribed 'Good Conduct Badge' on both the case and the badge.
Japan Fire Brigade badge.
Inscribed 'Showa 27 [1952] January 4.
Sawaguchi [?].'
Japan Fire Brigade woven patch.
Inscribed 'Sawaguchi.' Probably belonged
to the same person who owned the badge
Japan Fire Brigade badge.
Inscribed 'Akita Prefecture.'
Japan Fire Brigade badge.
Inscribed 'Fire Brigade Association, Akita Prefecture.'
Japan Fire Brigade award document. Awarded to Fireman Nakae Toyoji. Merit
award given for 11 years of meritorious service in the Tottori City Fire Brigade.
Dated Showa 14 [1939] March 31.
Long Service Badge from the Toyama Prefecture Fire Brigade Association.
Very nicely made. Issued by the
National Fire Brigade.
Paulownia box & cardboard outer
box (latter not shown).
Engraved axes & inscription, and engraved number.
Inscribed 'Long Service Badge.' Unknown age, most
looks to be pre-war, perhaps Taisho era.
Crossed axes. Inscribed 'Fire Brigade, Merit, Taisho
6 [1917] January 4, Koyama Town.'

'Technical Skills Award, Ibaraki Prefecture Fire Brigade, Technical
Skills Award, Technology Competition.'

'Imperial Inspection Commemorative, Ibaraki Prefecture Fire
Brigade, Showa 6 [1931] November 21.'

'Ibaraki Prefecture, Oji Town Fire Brigade.'

'Ibaraki Prefecture, 3rd Class Merit Award.'

'Independent Fire Prevention Unit 45th Anniversary Commemorative
Badge, Heisei 5 [1993] November 18, Japan Fire Brigade.'

'Long Service, Naka Branch, Fire Brigade.'

'Long Service Badge, Ojita Village Fire Brigade.'

'Long Service.'

'Meritorious Service, Ninomiya Town Fire Brigade.'

'West Ibaraki Branch, Ibaraki Prefecture, Fire Brigade.'

'Award, Mori Town Fire Brigade, Town Fire Chief Prize.'

'Merit, Shizuoka City.'