Emperor Medals
天皇陛下 記念メダル
Commemorative coin. The design on the obverse has the imperial carriage, and
the reverse has the imperial crest. Plastic case and coin have the same
inscription: 'Celebration of 50 years on the throne.'

Coin size: 3 cm diameter.

Since the Showa Emperor took the throne in 1926, this is probably circa 1976.
Dated Showa 49 [1974].

OBVERSE: The design shows the Imperial Palace Bridge. Below are
chrysanthemum branches, an imperial symbol. Inscribed: 'His Imperial
Highness and Her Imperial Highness, 50th Wedding Anniversary

REVERSE: The design has an Imperial Ho-o bird (akin to the phoenix)
and stylized clouds. Inscribed: 'Celebration, Golden Wedding
Ceremony, Showa 49 [1974].'

The interior lid of the case is inscribed thusly: 'His Imperial Highness
and Her Imperial Highness, 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.'
Fitted velvet bottom.

Medallion alone: 70 grams, 5 cm diameter.

Size of case: 13.5 cm by 11 cm
Heisei Emperor Enthronement commemorative badge in plastic case. The case is inscribed 'Imperial Highness,
Enthronement Celebration Medal.'
The obverse has the Imperial mum crest, and the reverse has what appears to be the Imperial throne. The former
is inscribed 'Heisei' along with something else, perhaps a poem. The latter says 'Imperial Highness, Enthronement
There is also a plastic red badge with a metal (?) plating on the obverse. The obverse says 'Akihito Emperor
Enthronement Commemorative, Enthronement Celebration, Heisei 3 [1991]' two times each.

The red reverse says 'Imperial Highness, Enthronement Banzai.'

Size with case: 11 cm by 15 cm.
A scarce Taisho Emperor Enthronement silver commemorative badge with original paper
The reverse has Imperial symbols: mums, mirror, and staff.
Inscribed 'Emperor Enthronement Commemorative, Taisho 4 [1915] November.'

The paper backing reads 'Emperor Enthronement Commemorative, Trademark #11650,
Made by the Japan Mint, Handled by [?????] Shop, Osaka City, Yodoyabashi.'

The bronze version is below.
Nicely detailed Taisho Emperor Enthronement badge.
This was made by a newspaper company to celebrate both the
Emperor's enthronement and also the publication of its 11, 000th
Dated Taisho 3 [1914] March 18.
It also states that this is a
kou (higher class) version, which means that
there must be an
otsu (lower class) badge.
Crown Prince Trip to Europe, 1971
1993 Marriage of the Crown Prince (Naruhito) Commemorative Medal.