Emperor-related Medals
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天皇陛下 記念メダル
Taisho Emperor 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Made at the Japan Mint.
Heisei Emperor Enthronement medal. Pure gold, very valuable. I'm not
sure if cheaper versions were made, though I suspect they were.
'The Country of Japan, Showa 53 [1978] Celebration of the Emperor's Birthday.'
'The Country of Japan, Showa 55 [1980] Celebration of the Empress's Birthday.'
'Celebration of 50 Years of the Emperor's Reign.' 1976 medal.
Japanese Imperial medal in a colored cardboard card.
'Crown Prince and His Wife 25th Wedding Anniversary.' 1984 medal.
Medal made to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the Showa Emperor and
Empress. Dated Showa 49 [1974].
Crown Prince Imperial Marriage medal set.
Dated Heisei 5 [1993].
Showa Emperor official portrait medal set.
Dated 1989.
Crown Prince wedding medal
Dated 1993.