Education-Related Medals
Here are some education-related badges.
3 related items.
First, a gold gilt table medal with original case.
Inscribed 'Education Merit Award. Imperial
Education Association 50th Anniversary
Commemorative. Showa 8 [1933].'

Second, an enamel badge with long ribbon and
attached rosette. Inscribed '1937. 7th World
Education Association Conference. Participation
The participant's name (Nakamura Fujijirou) is
handwritten on the case lid and on the badge label.
The case lid is here, but part of it is missing. No
bottom of the case remains.

Third, a registration card for the 1937 7th World
Education Association Conference.  Nakamura
Fujijirou's name is on this card, and the
registration number is 586. Dated August 2-7,
1937. Note that the emblem on the card matches
the emblem on the large medal.
Small badge/medal. Appears to be late Meiji or early Taisho manufacture.
'Great Japan Education Association Member Badge.'
In order to heighten awareness of the importance of the Army to the nation, an Army ordinance
was issued in 1925. This required all middle schools to include military-style training in the
school curriculum.

This badge commemorates the 15th Anniversary of the ordinance, so it dates to 1940. The
obverse reads 'Imperial Inspection Commemorative' and also on the reverse is 'Okayama
Prefecture Middle Schools, [Supporting Assistant?] Badge.'

The badge measures about 3 cm long.
1890 Imperial Rescript on Education merit badge.
Nagano Prefecture.
Imperial Rescript on Education badge. The Meiji Emperor issued this rescript in Meiji 23 [1890]
and it was displayed in every school across the country. I think there were educational lectures
given on this and teachers had to attend some of them. Perhaps this badge is for the attendees. I
am not sure.
The obverse has what I assume to be the full text of the 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education.
Inscribed on the reverse 'Education Rescript, Appreciation Badge, Greater Japan Education
Rescript Appreciation Badge Federation.'

The inscription on the paulonia wood box is the same as on the reverse of the badge.
Age? 1930s?
Prize from the Ministry of Education.
Dated Showa 5 [1930] November 2.