Imperial Army Dog Association
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'National Army Dog Exhibition Association,
3rd [Seat?], Imperial Army Dog Association,
Nara Branch, Showa 16 [1941] September.'
Inscribed 'Foundation Commemorative Badge, Showa 11 [1936]
November, Hyogo Prefecture Police Dog Association.'

Measures about 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm
A giveaway or award from the Yonen Gurakubu 幼年俱楽部, a
magazine that was founded in 1914. This is a WW2 era badge.
Three badges (1st, 2nd, and 3rd class).
Inscribed 'Practice Medal, Imperial Army Dog Association.'
Inscribed 'Showa 14 [1939] Association Award.
Imperial Army Dog Association.'
'13th Annual Imperial Practice.
Showa 13 [1938], May.
Participation Medal.
Imperial Army Dog Association'
'Nara Branch.
3rd Practice Competition.
Participation Badge.'
Imperial Army Dog Association watch fob.
Dated Showa 8 [1933] June.
'Imperial Year 2600 [1940] Commemorative.
Hokkaido and Karafuto (Sakhalin) Army Dog
Skills Championship Exhibition.
Sponsored by the Hokkaido Branch of the Imperial Army Dog Association.'
'Participation Medal.
7th Manchukuo Imperial Army Dog Association Exhibition.
Koutoku 6 [1939] June 25.
Held at Mukden.'
Imperial Army Dog Association door plate
'3rd Skills Exhibition. Participation Medal.
Showa 12 [1937] November 20.
Sponsored by the Imperial Army Dog Association.'