Lacquered wood.
The owner's name, military rank, and various awards received also appear on
the lid. The variety of designs is wide. These are rather long in order to
accommodate the rolled medal award documents.
Document Cases
Dated case with Imperial crest above and
family crest in the middle (translation below)
'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5] War Service Award'
'8th Class Sacred Treasure, 7th Class
Golden Kite, Maeyama Tokujiro.'
'Taisho 3-9 [1914-1920] War Service, Medal Award
Commemorative, 8th Class Sacred Treasure, 7th
Class Golden Kite, Maruoka [??].'
Taisho 7-8 [1918-1919] War Service
Imperial mum crest
The soldier's family crest
The soldier's award and his name:
'8th Class Medal, Shinomiya Touichi.'
This description means the soldier served in both
the 1894-5 China War and the 1904-5 Russia War