Commander Badges
Here are the three Commander Badges.
These were instituted on October 12, 1943.
The three badges, from left to right:
1. The General Officer's badge (将官
shoukan): awarded to those at or higher
than the Brigadier General rank. (5.5 cm long, 4.2 cm wide)
2. The Field Officer's badge (左官
sakan): awarded to those ranked from
Major to Brigadier. (4.5 cm long, 3.5 cm wide)
3. The Company Grade Officer's badge (尉官
ikan): awarded to those ranked
from Second Lieutenant to Captain. (4.5 cm long, 3.5 cm wide)

The differences are fairly easy to discern from the photo. The General
Officer's badge is larger and has more petals (32). The other two badges are
the same size, but the Field Officer's badge has gold gilt cherry branches.

All three are made of polished aluminum. More exactly, they are made of
alumite, which is an aluminum alloy.
The reverse with original pin latch.
Here are the three grades of the Commanders Badge.
Photo courtesy of Brenton W. Thank you very much!
A closer look at the Company Grade Officer's badge.
3-piece construction. The cherry branches are affixed with four rivet-type
connections. The gold Army star is clipped on with a simple two-pronged tie.
There is also a kanji on this one. It reads
'HON,' but I'm not sure what it signifies.
Here are two I found that had the Army star removed for some reason.