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Civilian Railroad Worker
Pure silver railroad worker merit badge.
Another example. Pure silver Japan Railroad Worker's Badge.
Wartime charm.
The design has a railroad worker's insignia above the imperial paulownia
leaves crest.
Inscribed '
Samuhara [Shinto chant to summon the protection of 3 gods],
Protect the Body, Remove Difficulties.'
Wartime good luck charm. Dated Imperial Year 2000 [1940], this badge also has the civilian railworker's insignia on
the obverse. On the  reverse is written '
Samuhara, Donation Commemorative.'
Civilian Railroad Worker badge. Metal and cloth.
Civilian Railroad Worker badge.
Civilian Railroad Worker's badge. Non inscriptions, but probably a merit award.
Small civilian rail worker's pin badge.
'Leaving the Dormitory Commemorative, [??]
Dormitory, Showa 3 [1928].'

I am not sure why one would get a badge for
leaving a dorm, so I may have the translation
off a bit.
Sterling silver badge. 'Showa 5 [1930] September, Tottori Prefecture Railways, No
Accidents in 18 Months Award.'
Asahigawa Railroad Department
Japan National Rail, Special Merit Badge
Wartime railroad worker's badge.
Inscribed 'Celebration Commemorative, Imperial
Year 2600 [1940]
The latter word is a four-kanji compound that is
a charm of sorts, protecting one from physical
harm and from disease. This was a common
phrase during the war, but almost never used

The design has a kite perched on a railworker's
insignia. Below is the imperial paulownia leaves
Pre-war Ministry of the Railroad and Transport Technical Service Badge
Large table medal, bronze. The reverse has a flag with the civilian railroad
worker's insignia.
'Completion of a New Building Commemorative, Showa 12 [1937] March 8,
Nagoya Transport Office.'
Fukagawa Rail Line. One Year Accident Free.
Dated Showa 8 [1933] March 31.

The gold gilt badge at the top is the railway insignia.
Railroad Ministry Long Service Badge.
Sterling silver with yellow enamel.
Pre-WW2 example.
The obverse has imperial kiri leaves beneath a civilian railroad worker's
insignia. The reverse reads '

Diameter: about 2.2 cm
The obverse has a lion atop a civilian railroad worker's insignia. The
reverse reads '

Diameter: about 2.5 cm
insignia. The reverse reads 'samuhara.' And a hallmark of some sort.

Diameter: about 2.5 cm