China Incident
Medal Set
A boxed set of two medals made at the Japan Mint.
You can see other medals from the Mint
HERE, but this set seems to be the most prized of them all. The workmanship is very
nice and the designs are striking.

Note that there are lower quality medallions with the same design. These are fakes.

As with other medals made at the Mint, these could be personalized with a lid inscription. So inscriptions on the lids often differ.
I have seen an example (shown below) of a variant obverse/reverse design.
The round paper insert that rests in the fitted depression is still
here. These are usually lost. It reads 'China Incident
Commemorative Medal Relief, (Made of Bronze), We the
Imperial Army advanced into North China and battled until the
end. We stood brave and advanced aggressively.'

Thick and heavy. Inscribed 'Showa 12 [1937],  China Incident
Both have the same inscription: 'China Incident Commemorative, Showa 12 [1937].'
The reverse has the same basic design but the inscription is different.

It reads 'China Incident War Dispatch Commemorative. From August 1937 to January 1940. Maruyama Teru Platoon.'
Also 'Made at Japanese Mint' hallmark.

Also, there are some locations marked on the map in the background.