This is the China Incident Commemorative Medal. This was a war front medal, planned to be
issued to those who assisted the war in a non-combat role. Although these medals can be found
once in a while, no original case or award document has ever been found, as far as I am aware. So
we may assume that many were minted but none issued.

Established in 1942.

OBVERSE: Cherry blossoms and Imperial mum crest.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'China Incident Commemorative Medal.'
The ribbon (and presumably the case, if any) is the same as that of
the common medal. However,
this medal has no suspension bar or attached bar.
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
China Incident
Commemorative Medal
Very rare paper wrap. Almost never seen,
Recently (2017-8) I have seen a few 'found batches' like the above. I have also seen some nice
Russian-made fakes, so it is best to be careful when buying this medal.