Japan Mint
Cherry Blossom Viewing Medals
The Cherry Blossom Viewing medals are made by the Japan Mint and sold directly from the same.
You can order recent medals
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A different design was made each year in pure gold, pure silver, and bronze. The design is in high relief and is very
well-made. Both the Hiroshima and the Osaka Mints are open for cherry blossom viewing during March and April,
so many people come to see them. These medals commemorate that event. I'm not sure when the first medals
were made, but I have never seen medals dated before the war; in fact, the earliest medals I've seen were from
the 1970s. I still need to confirm the date of commencement, though.

The medals were struck in fairly low numbers, about 3000-4000 for the bronze (depending on the year). For
example, the 2010 bronze had 3500 struck and sold for 5000 yen when new. The next year 3000 were struck and
sold at the same price.

The pure gold medals are made in extremely low numbers. In 2011 only 150 medals were struck, and they were
on sale for 516,000 yen. The pure silver medals for the same year were 22,000 yen, and only 2000 were struck.

The prices of the gold and silver medals vary from year to year, but the bronze medal prices remain fairly

Below are a few different years in random order.
Amagyoshino blossoms
Ayanishiki blossoms

The medal measures 5.5 cm diameter, 0.3 cm thick, and it weighs about 100 grams.

OBVERSE: Cherry blossoms and young girl in Japanese dress, holding a traditional Japanese ball. REVERSE: Shows clusters of cherry
blossoms that resemble a traditional Japanese ball.
1979 medal.
OBVERSE: Todogawa steam ship, based on a Meiji-era woodcut by Mori Yoshiyuki (a famous Osaka area artist).
REVERSE: 'Peony': Shows clusters of red and white cherry blossoms that together resemble peonies.
1976 medal. No descriptive sleeve included, so I don't know the details of the designs.