Imperial Capital Rehabilitation Medal
Teikyou Fukkou Kinenshou)
Established in 1930 to commemorate the reconstruction of Tokyo after the 1923 earthquake.

The medal is made of oxidized silver.

OBVERSE: The Imperial mum crest is above and blossoms are below. The center shows the
Marunouchi business area in Tokyo.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Imperial Capital Rehabilitation Commemorative Medal, Showa 5 [1930] March.'
There is also a women's medal with bow ribbon. See pictures below.
Men's medal
Case interior.
Ribbon close-ups
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Another example.
'M' mintmark, probably indicating the Osaka Mint.
Another 'M' mintmark
Capital Rehabilitation commemorative paperweight. Thick and heavy. Commemorating the rebuilding of Tokyo after the 1923 Great
Kanto Earthquake.

The obverse has 'Rehabilitation' inscribed above the famous Kiyosu Bridge (which spans the Sumida River). Around the bridge
design are famous places in Tokyo: Yasukuni Shrine and Ueno Park.

The reverse has a clock that shows the time of the earthquake. The clock is within the emblem of Tokyo. Below is written 'Tokyo
City' and above is a popular contemporary slogan that reads 'Rouse your weakened spirit.'

BTW, if you are interested in the imagery used in the media for this disaster, I recommend the book
Imaging Disaster by Gennifer
Weisenfeld. Excellent photos and documentation! This medal is included in the book.
Purple pasteboard case and original paper wrap. The wrap has the
name of the medal in large characters, and the smaller characters
read 'Showa 6 [1931] February, Made at the Japan Mint.'
Two examples of the women's version. Photos courtesy of a kind collector! Many thanks!
Here is an advertisement for the above medal. The
listed price is 50 sen. Note that some of the details on
the reverse are different from the medal I have pictured.
A similar commemorative item.
'Great Kanto Earthquake Refugee Census Committee,
Taisho 12 [1923] November, Osaka City, South Ward.'
Original award document.

Thanks for the photo, Pieter!
Rare Japanese Red Cross Great Kanto Earthquake Rescue Efforts Commemorative badge.
Dated Taisho 12 [1923] September.
Nicely enameled badge with original case. Inscribed 'Foundation, Tokyo
Earthquake Disaster Commemorative.' The kanji on the badge means
Merit badge?
Slightly different than the medal above.
Slightly different than the medals above.
1923 Tokyo Earthquake Capital Rehabilitation badge. I think it is sterling silver. Made by Hattori.

Inscribed 'Rehabilitation Ceremony Commemorative, Showa 5 [1930] March, Shiba Ward.'
There is a hallmark on the bottom. I don't recognize it, but it looks like a bird.
This wrap, rarely found, has a later date than
the one shown above. This reads 'Showa 7
[1932] March, Made at the Japan Mint.'