Dai Nippon Butoku-kai
page 2
Imperial Budoku-kai
Special Member badge.
Warriors Association. This document shows that the recipient served
Noble bravely in the 1904-5 Russia War and received a War
Victory Commemorative Medal from this group.  
Given to Army Cavalry Private 1st Class Kishi Genshige, holder of the
8th Class and 7th Class Golden Kite.
The document is dated May 6, 1906.
Butoku-kai 3rd Class Merit badge, locket style. The interior of the badge reads 'Merit
Award' on the right and 'Great Japan
Butoku-kai General Chairman 1st Rank, Holder of
the 4th Class Golden Kite,
Prince Nashimoto Morimasa.' I think his likeness is on the
Awarded to Nakano Toyotaro on Meiji 39 [1906] April 10.
This is the award document for a lacquered wood sake cup, given for
appreciation of war service in the 1904-5 Russia War.
Noble Warriors Association member badge.
Hallmarked .950 silver; made at the Japan Mint.
Rare Imperial Butoku-kai 3rd Class Merit badge. This is an early badge.
Since Komatsu died in 1903, this badge dates from 1885 to 1903.
The case is really nice and a type I haven't seen before.

Butoku-kai General Chairman 1st Rank, Holder of the right and 'Great Japan
This is a locket style badge. The the 2nd Class Golden Kite,
Prince Komatsu
Akihito.' His likeness is on the obverse.
Merit badge from the Sakeda Branch.
I don't know where Sakeda is.
This is larger than the small gold member badges.
Awarded by the Budoku-kai in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The bottom
piece appears to be of silver, but the top is a cheaper piece of
4th Class Imperial Butoku Long Service Badge,
Nagasaki Branch.
Same as above
Merit. Fukuoka Branch.