Various Badges
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The box lid (and pin) says 'Judiciary Protection Program
Shihou-hogo-jigyou].' This title was used for this organization
until the end of WW2. Now it is called

Apparently, this government-sponsored group was a sort of
probation office. The members kept tabs on people who had
already committed crimes and tried to keep those criminals out
of trouble. The name of this group was first used in 1923.

This badge is also labeled 'Merit Badge' and is dated 1940
[Imperial Year 2600].

The outer cardboard box has the name of the badge and a date:
12/25/1940. Perhaps the original owner noted the date he
received the badge.
Very striking design: a gold combat helmet with star over a map of Asia.

The reverse is well-worn. Two crossed flags and kanji. I can read 'Showa 8 [1933],
Fukushima Prefecture, [?????].'
A rare Naval Academy badge.
OBVERSE 'Noble Warrior.' Laurel branches & anchor with chain.
REVERSE: 'Navy Accounting Academy.'

This Academy, called
Kaigun Keiri Gakkou in Japanese, was established in 1874 and abolished in 1945. However, it was called by another
name (
Shuukei Gakkou) until 1907. It was one of the 3 main academies of the IJN. The other two were the IJN Academy and the IJN Technical

The Accounting Academy prepared cadets for accounting, budgeting, and supply center work.

The main campus was in Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Tsukiji, but from 1944 to 1945 four smaller campuses were opened because of the firebombing.
A Pacific War era Navy badge, perhaps aluminum.

Inscribed '[Imperial Year] 2602,' which is 1942.
Memorial stone for the IJN Accounting
Academy. This stone is in Tsukiji, Tokyo.
Excellent China Incident badge dating from 1937 to 1940s.
The design on the obverse includes a gold kanji that means
'Sincerity.' The reverse has falling cherry blossoms as well as a
skull and crossbones. A 6-pointed star (Star of David) is here,
too, though I'm not sure if it is merely decorative or if it has some
Inscribed 'China Incident Commemorative, Hachimura Unit,
Corpses in the steamy grass.' The latter may be referring to a
poem or other literary source.
Large, heavy Horse Administration Bureau medal dated
1915. This award was to be tied around the neck of the
horse, not the person. It is thick and well-made. This is
the third class prize, and it seems to be made of bronze.
Awarded by the Horse Administration Bureau, an official
government agency aimed at improving the breeding of
war horses for the empire. The department was
established in 1906 and abolished in 1945.
Yasukuni soldier enshrinement ID badges dated 1944. Given to the
family of soldiers who came to the enshrinement ceremonies of
their loved ones. Each person had a different ID number, which
maybe indicated the area where the bereaved could pray--or
perhaps it indicated the order of enshrinement. Stamped on the top
part of the cloth are three rows: the date, a red number probably
indicating a group, and the individual's number. Since the numbers
are the same here, this shows that these are two members of the
same family who attended the ceremonies.

The badges themselves are aluminum and stamped with a date
that matches that on the cloth. It says 'April 1944.'
Pure silver badge. Undated, but pre-war.
The reverse reads 'Morinaga Airplane Sale, Prize, Morinaga Candy Company.'
The box reads 'Participation Badge, Morinaga Candy Company.'
Aviation badge. Inscribed 'Flight to Europe Commemorative,
Sponsored by Asahi Newspaper Company, Taisho 14 [1925] July.'
Regiment badge.
Inscribed 'War Dispatch Commemorative,
Field Artillery 3rd Regiment.'
Unknown badge. Somewhat heavy, nice quality.
I cannot read the top kanji, but the larger one means
'Championship.' Fairly large: 4.5 cm long
A large badge, about the same size as the War & Commemorative medals. I think this is pure silver, but
there are no markings to indicate that. The badge reads 'Mourning Association, Full Member.'
The center has a gilt shield with the imperial has alternation anchors and stars (symbols of Navy
and Army). Labeled 'Loyalty Association, Merit Medal.'
Commemorative Medal, Ishikawa Prefecture.'
And on the badge: 'Imperial Year 2593 [1933], Imperial Inspection
Commemorative, Ishikawa Prefecture.'
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