Ribboned Military Reservist badge in a
sword guard shape. Navy anchor, Army
star, and 2 vertical branches.
The metal part measures 2.9 cm long.
Inscribed 'Showa 10 [1935], May 27,
Russo/Japanese War Service 30-Year
Anniversary, And the Founding of this
Association 25-Year Anniversary, Military
Reservist Association, Tokyo City United
Striking military design. Aluminum badge with ribbon and pin back.
Dated '2602 [1942].'
Inscribed on the back 'Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Greater Japan [????]
The ribbon says 'Theater Member.'
Obverse: 'Victorious Return Commemorative.'

Reverse: 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5] War Service, Tokyo Victorious Return Soldier Welcoming Association.'
Imperial Rescript on Education badge. The Meiji Emperor issued this rescript in Meiji 23 [1890] and it
was displayed in every school across the country. I think there were educational lectures given on this
and teachers had to attend some of them. Perhaps this badge is for the attendees. I am not sure.
The obverse has what I assume to be the full text of the 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education.
Inscribed on the reverse 'Education Rescript, Appreciation Badge, Greater Japan Education Rescript
Appreciation Badge Federation.'

The inscription on the paulonia wood box is the same as on the reverse of the badge.
Age? 1930s?
Various Badges
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Very striking design: a shacihoko and branch. Inscribed 'Victorious Return' on the obverse and 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5] War
Service' on the reverse.
The design shows that this badge is probably from the 1941 Battle of
Hong Kong or the later occupation of Hong Kong (1941-1945). There is
a government building from which a Japanese national flag is flying,
and it is over Hong Kong on the map. You can see the island of Taiwan
to the right. Inscribed 'Commemorative,
Kou 826 Platoon, Warrant
Officers & NCO Group.'

It measures 3.8 cm by 3.2 cm. And 0.2 cm thick.
'China Incident Commemorative.'
Post-war veterans group badge with neck ribbon. Inscribed 'Air Corps.'
On the reverse: 'Manchuria, Chichiharu, Rabaul, East New Guinea. Dispatched
Army: 5th Air Corps Signal Regiment, (Shin) Unit 9941.'
This is the WW1 War Victory Commemorative medallion small badge made by the Japan Mint.
Size: 2.5 cm diameter.
Small badge. 'Patriotic Life Insurance Company, 20th
Anniversary Commemorative.'
A beautiful pure silver Merit badge from Japan. Age unknown. The
original presentation case is included.
The design has laurel branches on either side. In the center are gold
kanji that say 'Merit Badge.' Above is some sort of emblem, but I don't
recognize it.
Inscribed on the reverse of the badge 'Kumamoto City Meritorious
Person, Merit Badge.'
Also marked 'Jungin' which means 'pure silver.'
Inscribed on the inside box lid 'Kumamoto City, Merit Badge.'
Somewhat large medal (4.5 cm from top to bottom, fairly thick) that seems to commemorate
the end of WW1. There is an English inscription on the obverse, and on the reverse the large
center kanji reads 'Prize.' Encircling this is an inscription that reads 'Peace Talks
Commemorative, [Workers Show???].'

On either side of the large kanji is a date: Taisho 8 [1919], Opening in June.'
Since the
Paris Peace Conference began in January 1919, and the specific talks for the
Treaty of Versailles was in June, it appears that this medal commemorates the latter.
A Japanese stamp
commemorating the Paris
Peace Conference, dated
1919. Note that the same
symbolism is used.
Military Merit Badge.
The enclosed  paper reads 'This badge is to be worn at Army ceremonies and the
like. Those who participate in these activities shall wear this badge on the left
breast. Army Ministry, Showa 7 [1932] April 24.'
The obverse shows the battleship Mikasa flying the Z flag. To the left is a famous
abbreviation of the speech made by Togo right before the Battle of Tsushima, which
was something like 'The fate of the empire rests on this battle.'
Inscribed 'Prize, Slogan Contest, Sponsored by Manshu Hibi Newspaper Company,
Mukden Newspaper Company, O-Shinkyo Newspaper Company.' All three were
newspapers of the empire of Manchukuo.
Since this was a slogan contest, it is fitting to show the most famous slogan in
imperial Japan history on the obverse.
The obverse shows a ship with the Japanese national
flag on the side.
Inscribed 'Prize, Japan Merchant Shipping Patriotic
This group was formed in 1940 and disbanded in 1946.
It was re-formed in 1951 under a new name, and still
exists today as the Japan Seafarer's Welfare Association
(which is not the same group as the
Japan Seafarer's
Relief Association). Since the old name is on this badge,
it can be easily dated to the 6-year Pacific War era.
Small enamel badge with the wartime slogan hakko ichiu. The case is
inscribed 'Merit Member Badge, Imperial Year 2600 [1940], Miyazaki
Prefecture Celebration Association.'
Tokyo Victorious Return Soldiers Association badge.
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