Various Badges
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The design has a gold gilt kite above Japanese flags, a building, and an artillery
shell or a bullet. Inscribed 'Youth Labor Member Draft Commemorative.'
On the reverse: 'China Incident Special Labor Member Badge, [Imperial Year] 2598
[1938], Fukuoka Prefecture Unified Patriotic Youth Brigade.'
Pure silver badge with enamel flags of Japan and Manchukuo.
Inscribed 'Imperial Year 2594 [1934] March, Manchukuo Empire Commemorative,
Cavalry Group.'
Inscribed 'Commemorative.' And 'Republic of China 28th Year,  
Establishment of the Provisional Government 2nd Anniversary
Commemorative Badge, December 14.'
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Provisional Government.
This badge dates to 1940 and refers to a puppet government of Japan.
Inscribed 'Conquer Russia Commemorative.'
Nice naval badge made in the USA. If you cannot make out the
English inscription, it reads 'Presented by the Japanese Assn of
North America, Commemorative of the visit of H.I.J.M. ships
Azuma and Asama, June 27 to July 6, 1914, Seattle, U.S.A.'
The top part of the suspension is stamped 'Mayer Bros,' which is
no doubt the maker of the badge.
A badge probably issued to those who made a donation to help the Navy.

Inscribed 'Underwater Explosives Dedication [
suirai], Greater Japan Protect
the Country Commemorative Association.'

Suirai is a broad term that includes naval mines, torpedoes, and depth
charges. Basically it means underwater explosives.
Beautiful post-war medal. Inscribed 'Japan Tree
Doctor Association,
Daikun-i, Tree Doctor Order
of Culture Award.'
Beautiful post-war medal from the
Japan Tree Doctor Association.
Japan Tree Doctor Association lapel pin.
Unknown badge, fairly large. Dated Showa 13 [1938]. Interesting design--some sort of industrial badge?
Shanghai invasion badge? Dated Showa 7-8 [1932-3].
Inscribed 'Highwaymen [Thieves] Subjugation Commemorative.'
Interesting badge that may have an actual portrait of a soldier.
The reverse reads 'Army Second Lieutenant, Mizuno [?], Showa 16 [1941] February.'
The soldier's name has been smoothed down and blacked out, but when held at an angle, the characters can be seen.
Japan Sea Cadet Federation, Flag Signalling Competition, Championship Badge. Age unknown.
Nice design: two signal flags, a life preserver, a compass rose, and a golden kite. The outline is probably stylized waves.
Jawa landing badge dated March 1, 1942
Badge, fairly large. Diameter: 3.4 cm.
Inscribed 'Commemorative, Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum,
Marquess Togo, Field Marshall.'
'Seinan Association of the Blind. Official's Badge.'
'Japan Cooks Association, Highest Technical Skills Badge.'
On the reverse is a name and serial number.
A random listing of badges I have found
here and there.
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Inscribed 'Manchurian Incident Commemorative, Lieutenant General Honjo Shigeru,
Commander of Kwantung Army.'
Fukuoka Prefecture Industrial Patriotic Association 20 Years of
Diligent Service Medal. Undated, but a similar badge (see below) has a
1940 date.

This group was disbanded in 1945.
Years of Diligent Service Medal. Showa 15 [1940].

This group was disbanded in 1945.
Small but very rare badge commemorating the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1902.
Inscribed '1902. Anglo-Japanese Alliance Commemorative Badge. Meiji 35 [1902].
Signed January 30.'
'Kamayama Friends of the Military Association. Established Showa 12 [1937] May.'
Kamikaze-gou Commemorative. Tokyo Asahi Newspaper Company.
This is the Mitsubishi Ki-15 aircraft
China Dispatch Unit General HQ