Various Badges
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China Incident Commemorative
Showa 9 [1934] November, Army Military Maneuvers Participation Commemorative

East Army: 1st Division, 2nd Division
West Army: Imperial Guard Division, 14th Division
[????] Meiji 29 [1895]
The ribbon colors suggest a Chinese
commemorative medal, but the medal is
inscribed 'Young Men's Buddhist
Association.' It is possible that this is not the
original ribbon.
A scarce Taisho Emperor Enthronement commemorative badge with
original paper backing. Made by the Japan Mint.
The obverse has an Imperial Ho-o bird and Imperial paulonia leaves. Two
banners are inscribed 'Banzai.' There are 6 other kanji I cannot read.

The reverse has Imperial symbols: mums, mirror, and staff.
Inscribed 'Emperor Enthronement Commemorative, Taisho 4 [1915]

The paper backing reads 'Emperor Enthronement Commemorative,
Trademark #11650, Made by the Japan Mint, Handled by [?????] Shop,
Osaka City, Yodoyabashi.'
A scarce Heisei Emperor Enthronement commemorative badge in plastic case. The case is inscribed 'Imperial
Highness, Enthronement Celebration Medal.'
The obverse has the Imperial mum crest, and the reverse has what appears to be the Imperial throne. The former
is inscribed 'Heisei' along with something else, perhaps a poem. The latter says 'Imperial Highness, Enthronement
There is also a plastic red badge with a metal (?) plating on the obverse. The obverse says 'Akihito Emperor
Enthronement Commemorative, Enthronement Celebration, Heisei 3 [1991]' two times each.

The red reverse says 'Imperial Highness, Enthronement Banzai.'
Active Service Commemorative.
The five virtues of a soldier
Pure silver badge. Dated 1929. Inscribed 'Asahi Trip to Korea and Manchuria Commemorative Badge.'
Inscribed 'Military Reservist Group, Regular Group Member Badge.
Unknown post-war medal
Unknown post-war medal
Japanese-made badge for Japanese-occupied North Korea.

Inscribed '
South Hamgyong Province, Farmer's Course Badge.'
The province shown in pink.
Source: Wikipedia.
Inscribed 'Certain Victory, Bravery in War Officers & Soldiers Combined
Commemorative, Inuma Unit.'
Although the case appears to be too big for this badge, the inscription matches.
Hairdresser's 1st Class Technical Skills badge.
The word 'technical' is pronounced '
gino' in Japanese (with a hard 'g').
'One-Year Anniversary of the China Incident and the 57th Anniversary of the Founding
of Meiji Life Insurance Corporation, Showa 13 [1938] July.'
Beautiful Merit Medal from the Kanagawa Prefecture branch of the Association of Shinto Shrines.

The suspension bar looks suspiciously like that of many of the war dispatch medals. Excellently made. Post-war. No case.

Hallmarked 'Pure silver; gold-plated.' The weight, including the ribbon and attachment pin, is about 34 grams. The main medal
has a diameter of about 3 cm.
'Prince Nashimoto Attendance Inspection Commemorative,
Fukushima Prefecture Security Association, Showa 17 [1942] May 26.'