Various Badges
pg 11
Showa 10 [1935], Kobe Air Defense Maneuvers Participation Commemorative
Civilian Sharpshooting Competition
'Army Special Large Maneuvers Participation Badge, 27th Infantry
Regiment, Inspected by the Generals, Hokkaido, Showa 11
[1936] October.'
'Banzai to the Empire, Russia/Japan War 30th Anniversary Commemorative Badge.'
Unknown medal, post-war.
'Industrial Union, Central Branch, Merit Medal.'
Inscribed 'Showa 10 [1935] Army Special Large
Maneuvers, Miyazaki Prefecture, Local Good
Conduct Security Forces Commemorative Badge.'
Inscribed 'Showa 6 [1931] Special Large
Maneuvers, Participation, 6th Division & 12th
Wartime charm.
The design has a railroad worker's insignia above the imperial paulownia
leaves crest.
Inscribed '
Samuhara [Shinto chant to summon the protection of 3 gods],
Protect the Body, Remove Difficulties.'
Inscribed 'The Spring of Victory in Asia.'
Reverse: 'Under the Inspection of the Generals,
Army Induction Ceremony, Showa 14 [1939]
January 8, Held at Sasaki Practice Field.'
Small aluminum (?) badge.
Inscribed 'Imperial Year 2602 [1942].
Ocean Commemorative Day, [Naval Races?], Sponsored by the Naval
Patriotic Group and the Yomiuri Newspaper Company.'
Ministry Interior approved collector of
donations badge. Dated 2599 [1939]
Rare Navy badge. Inscribed 'China Incident War Victory Commemorative,
Imperial Navy, Showa 12-3 [1937-8].'

This badge is slightly larger than most. Diameter: 3.2 cm.
Imperial Soldier Relief League Loyalty badge.
Bullet suspension with red enamel blossom.

Inscribed 'War Victory Commemorative.'
Measures 3.5 cm by 2.5 cm
Inscribed 'Yokohama Rehabiliation Exhibition Commemorative.'
This probably refers to the reconstruction of the city after the 1923 Kanto
Scratched into the reverse is this: 'Ota Middle School, 1st Year, 4th Class,
Tanabe Minoru.'
Measures 6.5 cm by 5 cm

'Healthy Japan, [Imperial Year] 2596 [1936], Tuberculosis
Prevention, Tokyo, Women's Official Association.'
Fairly rare platoon-awarded badge. Inscribed
'China Incident War Dispatch Commemorative,
Yamada Platoon, Handa Platoon.'
Tenrikyo Women's Association Member Badge

Tenrikyo is a religious group in Japan, established in the 19th century
Tenrikyo Youth Association Member Badge

Tenrikyo is a religious group in Japan, established in the 19th century
Another example of above badge

Japan Naval Seafarer Union Long Service award badge. Gold-plated.
Unknown medal, modeled on the Order of the Sacred Treasure.
No inscriptions on the case or the medal. The center has a family crest, which
may provide a hint.
Tenrikyo Women's Association Member Badge
Tenrikyo Kyoto Branch
Flood Damage Prevention Federation Long Service Badge