Various Badges
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Rare small badge from the Second London Naval Treaty.
The obverse has the flags of the five participating countries: The U.K., the U.S.A., Japan, italy, and France. Only
the Japanese flag is enameled.

The design has a scene of a warship firing artillery.

Inscribed on the reverse: 'Five-Nation Naval Treaty, Breakdown Commemorative.'
(I cannot read the other writing.)
The Japanese and the Italians refused to sign the unequal treaty and so left the conference early. The
Japanese delegation left two months before the end of the meetings, and perhaps was proud of its hard
Still, it is a bit surprising to find a badge commemorating the breakdown of talks...
'Loyalty, China Incident, War Victory Commemorative.'
'Proclamation of the Constitution of Japan Commemorative, 1946.'
'Kansai Area Patriotic Youth Brigade Academy, National Defense
Physical Education Tournament, Imperial Year 2598 [1938].'
'Narashino Horseback Riding Tournament, Showa 7 [1932].'
'Narashino Horseback Riding Tournament, Showa 8 [1933].'
'Narashino Horseback Riding Tournament Participation Badge.'
'Army Toyama Academy, Taisho 12 [1923].'
OBVERSE: 'Prize [or Award].'
REVERSE: 'Naval Academy, Strap your helmet on tight.'
'Imperial Japan Sericulture Association, Member Badge.'
'Showa 11 [1936] Tokyo Cavalry Skills Tournament Participation Badge.'
OBVERSE 'Hanshin Air Defense Manuevers Participation Badge Nakamoto
Defense Unit, 4th Branch.'
REVERSE 'Showa 12 [1937] Family Air Defense Union Commemorative.'
'Showa 11 [1936] Army Special Large Military Manuevers Patrol Commemorative.'
'Kumamoto Army Instructor Academy, 3rd Graduating Class, [Imperial Year] 2590, 1930.'
OBVERSE 'Championship.'
REVERSE 'Company Song [lyrics], Swordsmanship 7th Group, Sharpshooting
Championship, Showa 17 [1942] November, East Group, Mitake [Platoon?].'
Imperial Japan, Protect the Country,
Vehicle Association Member's Badge
Unknown merit award. Dated Imperial Year 2592 [1932]. Pure silver.
8th [Graduating] Class, Army Mechanic Cadet
Imperial Guard Infantry, Discharge Commemorative
'Air Raid Practice Commemorative, Showa 9 [1934], Osaka Air Defense Association.'
A pure silver war-era badge. The center has the Osaka city emblem in gold,
superimposed on a 4-pointed star. The sides of the diamond are formed by propellers.

Marked 'Osaka Air Defense, Observation Badge.' Also '
Jungin [pure silver].'
'1st Submarine Fleet, Showa 9 [1934].'
'China Incident, Air Defense Observation Badge.'   
Also '
Jungin [pure silver].'
Badge with fitted case. The case lid has a side panel missing.
'War Service Commemorative, Meiji 37-8 [1904-5], Mie Prefecture.'
Unknown badge/medal. From a shrine?

Inscribed '[??] Association [??] Member.'

The small paper wrap is inscribed 'Rosette.'
Inside the cardboard box is a nice paper inset, probably from the store that
made this medal.

It has a nice color representation of the Grand Cordon badge, and it's
labeled as such. Also 'Used by the Office of the Prime Minister, Medal
Maker, Aihara Koukichi, Tokyo City, Kanda District, Renjaku-machi, 18.'
Imperial Guard badge. The center has the Imperial Guard emblem in gold, an Imperial mum crest
to the left, and a laurel branch to the right. The soldier's pose and the two kanji above
('Championship') suggest that this is a sharpshooting tournament award badge.

Marked on the reverse 'Prize, East Unit, 2nd Platoon, [Kimura?] Unit.'
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reverse is inscribed: 'Commemorating the
Soldiers and Sailors. Hiroshima Exhibition.'
Since this rescript was established in 1882,
this badge dates to 1932.