Manchukuo Empire:
Order of the Auspicious Clouds
page 3
Here are some details of an 8th Class Auspicious Clouds case.
Fitted velvet bottom insert.
Purple silk padded lining on inside of lid.
The latch. Sorry to say, this one has half of the latch missing.
Medal award document for the 8th Class Order of the Auspicious Clouds decoration. It was awarded
posthumously to Imperial Army Cavalryman Senior Private Watanabe Genichirou. Awarded on Koutoku 1
[1934] May 9.

These documents are rare but also visually striking. The border decoration is superb. There are two
watermarks, one the orchid crest of the Emperor Pu-Yi. The other are four kanji that read 'The Empire of

Also found was an additional document posthumously awarded to the same soldier. The association is
named Loyalty and Bravery Honor Association, one of the numerous paramilitary groups in wartime
Japan. This document states that Watanabe died bravely in war. This is dated Showa 9 [1934] May 25.
Togo Heihachiro is listed as Vice-President of this group. Note that he died 5 days after this
document is dated. The President is
Prince Nashimoto, so this was a major association.