Army Proficiency Badges
page 4
Army Sharpshooting Proficiency Badge with original
cardboard case. Labeled 1st Class.
Peterson identifies this as the Model 1895 Heavy Artillery Observer Badge, though his line drawing
is upside-down (pg. 105). He describes it as having a pebbled background, so this one may be a
later model. Gold gilt and brown paint. Some fading and wear here and there.
Army Proficiency Field Artillery Observer Badge.
Army Artillery Gunners Proficiency Badge Model 1886 with original case.
**Identified as such by Peterson, page 105.
One Japanese source I have calls it the Artillery Shooting Badge Honor Prize,
Machine Gun Shooting Badge
Established Showa 4 [1929].
Army Proficiency Badge award document.
Dated Showa 4 [1929] November 28. The recipient was Ohishi Haruji,
Private 1st Class, belonging to the 34th Infantry Regiment.
Rapid Fire Gunners Badge for Infantry.