In an effort to bolster national spirit, the 2600th anniversary of the founding of the Japanese
Empire was celebrated in 1940. The special dating system (now no longer used) was called
Imperial Dating System. The first year was 600 BC, the date assigned to the mythical founding of
Japan by Emperor Jimmu.

Celebrations were held around the country. This medal was awarded freely and is fairly common.
A women's version was also issued. See an example below.

The medal is an aluminum/bronze alloy.
OBVERSE: Imperial Mum crest and the Sacred Double Bridge of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
REVERSE: 'Imperial Year 2600, Imperial Celebration Commemorative Medal, Showa 15 [1940].'

The ribbon, according to Peterson, 'is light violet with eight 1 mm red lines 2.5 mm apart in the
center. The violet represents the great sky, red is for loyalty, and the eight lines symbolize the
motto, ''
hakkoichiu'' (the eight parts of the world in one universe) referring to the militarists' dream
of world domination.'

There were more than 200,000 medals struck. The medal was designed by Hata Shokichi, an
instructor at Tokyo Fine Arts Academy. Mr. Hata also designed the prestigious Order of Culture
Bunka Kunshou).
Pressed cardboard presentation case with original paper wrap.
Women's version with bow ribbon. Note that the case is a different shape
than the men's case in order to accommodate the wider bow of this medal.
The medal itself is identical to the men's medal.
2600th National Foundation
Celebration Commemorative Medal
Chinese-made fake
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Ribbon bar
Given to a Ministry of Finance employee named Yokozawa Jin.
Dated November 10, 1940. Award number 59450.