Perhaps the most important war in Japan's long history, this battle not only displayed
Japan's superior military might when matched with a European power, but the resulting
victory enflamed the military spirit throughout Japan.

The medal is a light gilded bronze. The attached bar reads 'War Medal.'

OBVERSE: Crossed flags are in the center. The Imperial Mum crest is above and the
Imperial paulonia crest below.
REVERSE: A Japanese shield inscribed 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5].' There is a branch on either
side. To the right is a laurel and to the left a palm.
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Russo-Japanese War Medal
Award Document
Representation of the medal at the bottom
1. Record of Awarding the 1904-5 War Dispatch Medal.

2. Army Infantry First Class Private Fujii Kichitaro.

3. Given the 19044-5 War Dispatch Medal by order of
the Ministry of the Army, this medal having been
established by Imperial edict on March 30, 1906.

4. Meiji 39 [1906] April 1.
Imperial mum crest and chrysanthemum branches at the top
Border of anchors and artillery
Left side of document
Right side of document
1. Medal Award Department, General Chairman, Holder of the 3rd Class
Rising Sun and 1st Class Sacred Treasure, Viscount
Ogyu Yuzuru.

2. The awarding of this 1904-5 War Dispatch Medal has been recorded as

3. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the 5th Class Rising Sun
and 4th Class Sacred Treasure, Yokota Gosuke.

4. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the 7th Class Rising Sun,
Fujii [Zengen?].
Case interior.
Ribbon bar