The 1900 War Medal
(Boxer Rebellion)
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Established to commemorate the dispatch of Japanese forces to Peking to quell the Boxer Rebellion.

Established on April 21, 1903 by Imperial Rescript #142.  The Rescript states that the medals were to be
made of bronze. To be awarded to
1. those who participated in battle during this war
2. others who were in the military and stationed in the area  during this war
3. those who were attached to the military forces in some way and performed work for the Army and Navy in
the area
4. those who cared for those wounded in the conflict [i.e., the caregivers must have been in the area, too]
5. those who belonged to a unit that served in the conflict
6. those who served on transport vehicles and vessels that aided during and after the conflict
7. members of the foreign allied forces who also participated in the battle
The service must have been performed from June 11, 1900 to April 6, 1901.

The attached bar says 'China Incident.'

OBVERSE: The Imperial Ho-o bird and mum crest. Inscribed 'War Medal.'
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Imperial Japan, Meiji 33 [1900].'
Ribbon bar
Hues vary a bit, perhaps due to oxidation of the metal.
Boxer Rebellion medal and the award document.
The document shows that this was the 149th medal
awarded, which is rather low. Awarded to Army 3rd
Class Head Nurse Izumi Itaru. Dated Meiji 35 [1902]
May 10.