Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Established to commemorate the 1894-5 Sino-Japanese War.

Established on October 9, 1895 by Imperial Rescript #143.  The Rescript states that the medals were to be
made from captured cannon. To be awarded to
1. those who participated in battle during this war
2. others who were in the military and stationed in China during this war
3. those who were attached to the military forces in some way and performed work for the Army and Navy in
4. those who performed work for the military but are not covered under the previous clauses

The attached bar has no inscription, and the case is unmarked as well.

OBVERSE: Crossed Army and Navy flags and Imperial mum crest.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Meiji 27-8 [1894-5] War Medal.'
First Sino-Japanese
War Dispatch Medal
Case front latch
Case back hinge
Unmarked black lacquered wood case
Red velvet fitted interior
1. Record of Awarding the 1894-5 War Dispatch Medal.

2. Army Infantry Superior Private Watanabe Heisaku.

3. Given the the 1894-5 War Dispatch Medal by order
of the Ministry of the Army, this medal having been
established by Imperial edict on October 8, 1895.

4. Meiji 28 [1895] November 18.
The award document
Representation of the medal at the bottom
Imperial mum crest and chrysanthemum branches at the top
Border of anchors and artillery
Left side of document
Right side of document

2. The awarding of this 1894-5 War Dispatch Medal has been recorded as #258385

3. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the 5th Class Rising Sun and 4th
Class Sacred Treasure, Yokota Gosuke.

4. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the 7th Class Rising Sun, Fujii